Welcome to Wild Ocean!

We are a small family company founded in 2016. We are located in Andenes,  Andøy, and we have a great interest in wildlife, nature and animals.

Captain Helge Hellesund has been a seaman since he was 16 years old. He has experience of mackerel fisheries in the North Sea and capelin fisheries in the Barents Sea. Over the last 30 years, Helge has worked as a captain on various ships, ranging from large tankers in international waters to high speed crafts along the Norwegian coast. Since 2009, Helge has been a captain on one of the whale watching boats of Whalesafari in Andenes and can be seen on board M/S Maan Explorer during the summer season. Helge is a recreational fisherman and when he is not fishing he is out photographing birds and wildlife or northern lights.

We will do our outmost to make your experience the way you want it.