Join a TRADITIONAL FISHING TRIP with fisherman Helge. You will experience fishing with a fishing rod or a fishing reel the Norwegian way.

We customize the fishing trip according to your experience and therefore the trip is suitable for families and those who want to try fishing for the first time or those who do not have little fishing experience. The fishing trip is also suitable for the more advanced fisherman who wants to try his or hers fishing luck. Helge gives you good guidance along the way and you get a taste of the local fishing life.

Fishing in Andøy varies depending on season and we offer tours all year round. Chances are are good to catch fish on each trip and Helge knows the fishing waters around Andenes. From January to the end of March, the traditional winter fishing after skrei takes place. Skrei is the name of cod that migrates between the Norwegian coast and the Barents Sea and that comes tour our coast to spawn.

What will experience on our fishing trip?

You meet up 15 minutes before departure and get information about what to expect from the day, safety on board, fishing gear and we put on rainwear and life jackets. Afterwards we go on board and head towards the fishing fields. Our fishing boat is  called “Nero” and it’s a Viksund 27-foot comb-boat with a capacity for 6 people. 2-3 guests can fish at the same time and there will be enough time for everyone to catch fish before heading back to Andenes. There is a heated cabin with sitting area for all passengers and toilet on board.The trip lasts about 3 hours.
For sports fishermen we can also offer a trip with our boat Øyen 530, best suited for 2 persons.

Fish species

Catches vary by season but common fish species are cod, saithe and halibut, but sometimes we also catch redfish, haddock, ling, tusk, pollack or mackerel. Helge will tell you about the catch and you can try both gutting and filleting fish. You can of course take your own catch with you if you wish. Fish catches we do not use ourselves will be delivered to the fish factory at Andenes.

For booking call Helge Hellesund
+47 924 82 909 or send
email to

Adults NOK 950
Children 5-10 years NOK 495
Children under 5 years for free

Included in the price: Fishing gear and fishing with fishing reel and /or fishing rod, life jacket, rainwear (for adults and children), waterproof bag for camera equipment, fish. Helge brings along coffee / tea and biscuits.

Duration: ca 3 hours

Open all year. Departures from the Andenes daily on request


M/B Nero - Viksund 27 foot: Min 1 passenger, maks 6 passengers. There is a heated cabin with sitting area for all passengers and toilet on board.

For sports fishermen we can also offer a trip with our boat Øyen 530, best suited for 2 persons.

What to wear at sea

At sea it is colder than on land and therefore good clothing is important when going fishing regardless of the season. We recommend wearing warm clothes (wool) and good shoes. Remember hat and mittens!

All tours depend on the weather. We offer 100% refund of the ticket if the trip is canceled due to weather conditions

Facts about fish species

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Gadus morhua
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Cod is the most common species we catch on our fishing trips throughout the year. From January to April, large amounts of migratory oceanic cod (skrei) from the Barents Sea come to the coast of Vesterålen to spawn. The rest of the year we fish coastal cod.

Pollachius virens
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Saithe can be fished here all year round and the big individuals can be caught along the edge of the continental shelf towards the depths. Small saithe are found on shallower waters throughout the area.

Hippoglossus hippoglossus
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The Atlantic halibut is the largest member of the flatfish family. In summer, it can be caught  on shallower water from about 10 to 60 m but is commonly found in depths of 300 - 2000 m. It is best fished with bait, e.g. mackerel.

Sebastes spp.
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Redfish can be caught in the deep areas of Andfjorden on c. 120 - 200 meters depth.

Melanogrammus aeglefinus
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The haddock lives on sand or clay bottom and is common in the area here.

Molva molva
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Ling is found in the area around Andenes on rocky seabed.

Tusk or cusk
Brosme brosme
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Tusk is a common species in the waters off Andenes and can be found on rocky seabed.

Pollachius pollachius
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The pollack is not a very common species in our waters but can be occasionally caught on the fishing grounds around Andenes.

Scomber scombrus
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The mackerel can be found in large shoals along our coast during summer. It is a relatively new fish species here in the north.